WFC has such friendly staff. I was able to book my introduction flight within 24 hours. I will definitely do my training at WFC.
Aspiring Student
We had visited so often, stayed over for a bit of tactical "off-roading" and always enjoyed it. Others may not like the "rough & ready" appearance but it adds to the ambience of adventure. Was there in 2020, 2017, 2016, also for that epic fly-in in 2003. Saw interesting aircraft here; a Navion, Boeing Stearman, Harvard, North American T6, Cessna 210, King Airs, many years ago, a commercial airliner landed here - nobody seems to remember.
Uncle Pete
Local Guide
I did my night rating at WFC. I was treated professionally. Very happy with the overall service.
PPL Graduate

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot’s License
This is the first step to realizing your dream of becoming an airline pilot!

The holder of a SACAA Private Pilot’s license may operate an aircraft as a pilot in command for purposes related to recreation and further training. The following requirements must be met:

• Must be at least 17 years old.

• Hold a valid Class 2 medical certificate.

• Valid Student Pilot License.

• Hold a restricted or general radiotelephony certificate.

• Completed 8 online PPL exams.

• Accumulate 45 hours total flight time by the end of the course, the 45 hours must include:

≥ 25 dual hours with an instructor.

≥ 15 solo hours as PIC.

≥ 5 hours cross country PIC.

Commercial Pilot License

The holder of a commercial pilot’s license may operate an aircraft as the pilot-in-command for remuneration.

This license is your ticket into the world of commercial aviation! This part of your training is more advanced and will include hour building and an instrument rating.
The requirements to obtain the license are:

• Must be 18 years or older.

• Hold a valid class 1 medical certificate.

• Hold a valid general certificate of proficiency in radio-telephony.

• Hold a valid Private Pilot License.

• Hold a Night Rating.

• Show proof of English Language Proficiency.

A minimum of 200 hours total flight time, this includes:

• ≥ 100 hours PIC flight time.

• ≥ 5 hours PIC by night.

• ≥ 50 hours of cross country flying as PIC.

• ≥ 40 hours dual instrument time (20 hours may be done in an approved FSTD).

• ≥ 5 hours dual in an aircraft with adjustable flaps, retractable undercarriage, and variable pitch propeller or turbojet engine.

"Let your dreams take flight."

Instructors Rating

An Instructor Rating must be obtained by any pilot with a Commercial Pilot’s License who wishes to give flying instruction.

These ratings are divided into different grades with Grade 3 being entry-level, Grade 2 being the intermediate level and Grade 1 being the advanced level.

To obtain a Grade 3 Instructor Rating you will need to hold a Commercial Pilots License, complete a theoretical training course and complete a minimum of 20 hours of flight instructor patter.

Night Rating

This endorsement allows the holder to operate an aircraft during the official night and is a requirement to be able to obtain a Commercial Pilots License.

The following requirements must be met:

• Must hold a valid Private Pilot License.

• Must have 5 hours of theoretical training.

• Must have 10 hours dual instrument flight instruction (5 hours may have been completed in an approved FSTD).

• Must have completed 5 take-offs and landings by night.

• Night cross country of at least 150nm and including two full-stop landings at different aerodromes.

"Never doubt the power of your own potential. You are limitless!"

Instrument Rating

Having the instrument rating allows you as a pilot to take to the skies in a vast amount of weather conditions when many pilots would not be able to fly.

This rating is very important to the aspiring professional pilot or even the holder of a Private Pilot’s License who wishes to enter the world of advanced flight whereby you will learn to fly, navigate and execute an approach to land in the cloud with no outside reference.

This is flying purely by focusing on the instruments only.

Requirements for the issue of an Instrument Rating:

• Hold a valid Private Pilots’ License (PPL) with a night rating.

• Have a Class 1 medical.

• Pass the SA-CAA required examinations.

• Completed 50 hours of cross-country time as pilot in command (PIC).

• Complete a minimum of 40 hours of instrument flight time, 20 of which may be completed on approved simulators. If a multi-engine instrument rating is sought, a minimum of 5 hours instrument flight time must be acquired in a multi-engine aircraft.

• Pass a practical flight test, conducted by a Grade One Designated Flight Examiner (DFE).

• Be the holder of a General Radio Telephony license.

Tailwheel Endorsement

Taildraggers are truly fun to fly and have long been considered to sharpen pilot skills. They do require a bit more attention when taking off and landing and pose a unique and fun challenge to even the most seasoned of pilots.

As the proud operators of a Cubby, we are able to offer tailwheel endorsements.

This endorsement is a great addition to any pilot’s license and is sure to make a more proficient pilot.

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